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Welcome to Swedish Museums Association (Riksförbundet Sveriges museer)

The Swedish Museums Association works to safeguard and further the communal interests of the museum sector. To achieve this, the association has two focus areas: Member benefits and Promotion (see below). The Association was founded in December 2004 on the initiative of the joint working council for the central museums, county museums and municipal museums. We are a non-profit association and our activities are financed through membership fees, some public support and through specific projects which receive external finance. Today, we have more than 220 members, museums and associated members. Private individuals are not accepted as members.

Member benefits

The Association’s membership card allows all employees free entry to all the member museums throughout the country.  This contributes to promoting cooperation and coordination among its member museums.

Our most important task is to organize “Museernas vårmöte”, Sweden’s largest national museum conference. Each year, the spring conference attracts 500-600 participants from all over the country. Representatives of member institutions receive a discount on spring conference fees.

We also coordinate and support certain international cooperation activities within the museum sector. This is done partly through the Network of European Museums Organisations (NEMO, We also cooperate with the European Museum Forum (EMF), which, among other things, is responsible for the prestigious European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA,

In Sweden, we cooperate with a number of different organisations, e.g. ICOM Sweden and others. For more details and descriptions of these cooperations and other associated networks go to ”Samverkan” under ”Om oss” in the main menu.

Through our website, as well as social media such as Facebook and Twitter, we strive to keep our members up to date on the latest news from the sector, job opportunities and coming events. Information about our past and present development projects can be found on-line. Our endeavor is to keep developing our on-line services for our members and followers.


Sweden’s museums are an important cultural, social and economic resource. However, they must have a strong, clear voice when dealing with the various interest groups around them, including politicians, decision-makers of various types and the media. The Associations’ focus on Promotion involves participating in state research projects, issuing opinions and replying to consultations, issuing press releases and providing information for and holding discussions with interest groups which have an overall effect on museum issues in various ways.


The Association currently has over 220 members and the number is growing steadily. Our member institutions consist of large and small museums including central, regional and local museums, as well as industrial museums and museums run by individual bodies. We also have associated members.

Membership is conferred by the board of management in response to a written application. To be accepted as members, institutions are required, among other things, to undertake to comply with the rules of the UNESCO body ICOM (

Like several of its sister organisations in Europe, the Swedish Museums Association only accepts institutional members.

How the Swedish Museums Association works

The Annual Meeting elects a board of management, which consists of seven members and a chairperson, with a term of office of one year. The board of management is made up of two representatives each from the Central Museums Joint Working Council, the County Museums Joint Working Council and from the municipal musems, along with other museums including, for example, industrial museums, university museums and private museums. Members of the board of management receive no remuneration.

The Swedish Museums Association works according to the proximity principle. This means that member institutions’ development is primarily a matter for each responsible body, with the Association involving itself in matters of importance for the museum sector as a whole.

The Association has two employees and work is carried out largely on a non-profit basis through the board of management and services provided by consultants.

Museum of the Year Award

The Association, along with ICOM Sweden, is responsible for the administration of the Museum of the Year award. The award ceremony takes place in conjunction with the spring Conference.

Contact information

For full details (in Swedish) on the board of the Swedish Museums Association please go to ”Om Sveriges Museer” under ”Styrelsen”.

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