In English – Samdok in Brief

The Swedish Samdok network for contemporary studies and collecting was founded in1977 and operated until the end of 2011, when the Samdok Secretariat at the Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, was closed down. A working group of representatives from a number of member museums then was formed to prepare a proposal for continued cooperation. As a result, a new network has been established.
Contact: Åsa Stenström, Västerbottens museum,
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Samdok’s about eighty member museums cooperated in working groups known as “pools”. The core of the work was the research and collecting carried on by the respective museums in the pools. The coordinating Samdok Secretariat was responsible for common matters – information, periodical and other publications, conferences etc.  The overall decision-making body was the Samdok Council, consisting of representatives for national, regional and municipal museums.

International cooperation – Collectingnet and COMCOL

In connection with Samdok’s 30’th anniversary, the international conference Connecting Collecting was organized at the Nordiska Museet 15-16 November 2007. The conference was also the starting point of a new international network for collecting issues, Collectingnet. One aim of Collectingnet was to develop it into a new international committee of ICOM, as a platform for reflections on the practice, theory and ethics of collecting and collections development. Collectingnet was in operation until 2010 when the International Committee for Collecting (COMCOL) was established as a new committee of ICOM, with probationary status for its first three years. From 2008, a newsletter has been distributed.

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Selected publications on Samdok

In English

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Samtid & museer No 2, 2007: Connecting Collecting – 30 years of Samdok
For thirty years, Swedish museums of cultural history have explored contemporary society within the network of Samdok. This issue of the periodical Samtid & museer (“The Present Day & Museums”) presents Samdok’s work for an international readership. Samtid & museer (pdf)

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En français

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Auf Deutsch

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Zusammenfassung (pdf)

In italiano

Fägerborg, Eva 2007: “Creazione di un patrimonio attraverso la collezione di oggetti contemporanei”.In: Oggetto industriale, soggetto di memoria. Provincia di Milano.

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